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 Frequently Asked Questions
No programmer or website construction skills are needed to use the Egalnet website wizard?
 That’s right, no such skills are necessary. The use of the system is as simple as that of a word processor.  Just click, and start editing.  The system will also see to the posting of the ready websites
What number do I have to dial for the Customer Service?
 You may reach our staff not by phone but by using the contact form in the Customer Service menu item.  We will answer your question in e-mail, within one working day at the latest.
May I create several websites with one registration?
 No. Only one website belongs to each registration.  But one applicant may create up to 3 websites, naturally by registering with 3 different usernames.
May I change the design and background settings of the original construction of the site later on?
 Yes, naturally. By clicking on the magic wand icon on the right side of the toolbar you can select any pattern and apply them on the current site or on all sites.   The edited content will not be lost.