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 With Internet for Equal Opportunities (Egalnet) Program 
The aim of the program is to efficiently support the operation of organizations dealing with disadvantaged groups, by taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the Internet.
Today, the world can no longer be imagined without the information technology whose fast development has become impossible to stop.  But dividedness is also present in the use of this technology and this also contributes to the aggravation of the social inequalities.  It is an overt objective of the program that it should help offset the negative consequences of the unequal spread of the information and communication technologies and enhance its positive effects. 

The Internet has become an everyday tool and its availability is instrumental for the efficient operation of the various disadvantaged groups, as well as for their inclusion in the economic and social blood circulation of the society.
Egalnet is a community site which enables the registered organizations to contact and communicate.  We also enable those users who do not yet have an own site, to create one here with the help of a simple program. Those organizations that already have their own site may also join this community site if they answer the above criteria. 
After acceptance of the registration the applicants may actively use the Egalnet, and also create their own site. 
The following services are available to the registered users of the community site:
  • Forum: helps the registered users to communicate with one another, to maintain contacts, to search and exchange information, to post events, interesting features, etc.
  • Voting: the visitors have the opportunity to vote on the websites they like most. Users may only vote for the websites created with the website editor provided by Egalnet. 
  • Customer service: this service has been created to help solve the technical problems of the registered users, and answer their questions.
  • News, current events: this feature serves to display news, interesting information, application invitations on the subject of equal chances, whose content the registered users may update via the Editorial Office.
Egalnet provides as free service for registered users the option to construct their own website and also grants the necessary storage space.   The user may select the design he likes best from different templates, and can also choose the functions he wants to use on his website.  These may be: guest book, search, “Write to me”, spreadsheet upload (to advertise programs), media store, forum, newsletter service, e-card service, e-shop, etc.
The success of this initiative depends on how many people become members of Egalnet and use it to communicate with friends and acquaintances.
We trust that with the Internet we can help create equal opportunities. 
The editors of Egalnet
 The following groups and/or foundations, associations of the organizations / societies supporting those groups may register on Egalnet
Small localities
 small localities, regional communities, organizations
People under the age of 25
 those people under 25 who are not employed in any regular paying job
Minority communities
e.g. ethnic minorities living in Hungary
People with disabilities
 groups of people living with disabilities and groups helping for them
groups helping for migrants
Unemployed people
 Organizations promoting the placement of unemployed people (e.g. labor market centers, placement offices, re-training centers, etc.)
Retired people
 Pensioners’ communities, groups helping retired people (e.g. senior citizens’ clubs, pensioners’ clubs, etc.)
Mothers on maternity leave, family helpers
 Organizations of women on prolonged leave from work due to child birth and child-raising, their supporters (e.g. Gyed, Gyes clubs) and family helping organizations 
Non-profit organizations
organizations not listed above and dealing with people in disadvantaged situation
*in categories People under the age of 25, Minority communities, and Unemployed people local municipality and state administration organizations
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The registration process
 As in the web-site creating program you can follow the instructions in Hungarian, we kindly ask you to make your registration on the Hungarian site.