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 Presentation of the use of the website editor 
Have a chance to appear on the Internet!
It is important for us that our users themselves should also have their own Internet website and that they do not be prevented in this by the lack of programming skills and knowledge.  So we are making available for the emerging communities such a solution which helps them create, maintain and post on the web websites with a simplicity never seen before.
It is enough to have hands-on computer skills, a computer with Internet access and Internet Explorer browser.
Register, and go ahead!
In the simple registration process you may select an Internet address for your website and enter the data of your association or foundation. 
After successful registration, you can access the site by giving the username and password you chose in the Entry box on the left, then by clicking on the Website editing menu item, you may start using the website wizard.
(Naturally, until approval of the application the website will not be publicly accessible.)
Just click and edit!
The editor will open prepared sites for you. This is a so-called WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editing surface. This means that you see everything, except the embedded editor components (various color arrows and the toolbar), as it will be shown in live environment on the Internet.
We have so developed every formatting function to enable you to create your website in the simplest and easiest way.  By clicking on the part of the text you want to edit you can rewrite them, add menu items or delete them.
Like in MS Word, text can be overwritten or added by a simple click and typing. Word processing is supported with a wide range of formatting possibilities like in  the customary word processor programs. The formatting tools are shown in the upper menu line of the browser (for more information about this refer to the User Manual).
In addition to texts (menu titles, articles, etc. ) you can naturally design the entire content of the website as you like. Blue and red navigation arrows help you reach add and upload functions. System level functions are shown in the above-mentioned upper menu line.
Step 1.
Register and join the Egalnet community! Read more about the conditions of registration here.
Step 2.
Enter here, click on the Website editor menu item and start editing your website!
Step 3.
Select a design patter in the website wizard to set the atmosphere of your website! The preview function will help you.
Step 4.
Edit your own website! Refer to the User Manual to learn the editing process!
Step 5.
Do not hesitate to contact our customer service with any problems or questions.
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